Sports Trek Soccer for All!

At Sports Trek Coaching we believe that all children, boys and girls, have a right to take part in soccer, regardless of ability, size, age and gender. Unfortunately in this country we tend to ignore children who don’t show early potential and we concentrate on the more gifted. It is obvious to us that soccer is the number one sport for more than just the gifted players, and probably some more besides who have never really tried the sport. We hope that Sports Trek Soccer Saturdays will give children of all abilities the opportunity to enjoy and improve in their number one sport.
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Sports Trek Soccer for All has been set up to give children the opportunity of improving ball skills, close control, using two feet, dribbling, shooting and passing skills.
There will also be regular goalkeeping coaching to improve handling and diving skills.

The emphasis is on enjoyment and involvement of all!
Players will have a minimum of one ball between two to maximise number of touches per session per player. Weather permitting there will be an outdoor area for skills learning and indoor sports hall used for game and possession games.