Sports Trek Pool at Embleton Spa

Sports Trek Coaching took over the running and management of the swimming pool and facilities at Embleton Spa Hotel in October 2012. Sports Trek also have a well appointed gym over two floors at the hotel, with a range of membership packages available.
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The Sports Trek Pool  runs under a unique timetable which accommodates the Sports Trek Swim School, time for Sports Trek pool members and for those who require complete privacy.

It also has over 30 hours per week available for private pool hire from as little as £20 per hour.
The pool is statffed from 8am - 9pm weekdays and 8am - 6pm at weekends. The pool is 14m in length and kept at a comfortable temperature of 30ºC (86ºF )

With very competitive membership rates, and with over 45 hours of pool time available for pool members per week, can you afford not to join!
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Pool Availability
Click here to download our timetable of Pool availability.
The benefits of swimming
Swimming is certainly one of the most popular forms of exercise with around three million people taking the plunge every week.

Water is about 800 times denser than air, you can work harder, and burn more calories in a pool
Female swimmers have been shown to experience significantly less tension, depression and anger after swimming compared to prior their exercise.
Rhythmic and aerobic forms of exercise such as swimming can improve psychological wellbeing.
Swimming can support up to 90% of the body’s weight in the water, meaning that those with disabilities, injuries or illnesses such as arthritis can take part in a comfortable and safe environment. It also means you gain a full body workout.
The support of the water for arthritis sufferers allows less painful movements in affected joints as well as toning up the supporting muscles.
Different swimming strokes challenge different muscles within the body so you can choose where you tone up.
The pressure of water causes a shift of blood volume from the periphery of the body to the thorax. This increases venal pressure and so leads to a decrease in heart rate of up to 20bpm lower in water than on land. This means that you can work at the same intensity of exercise at a lower heart rate.

Discounts with
Sports Trek Pool

Great discounts for Sports Trek members
25% Discount
Sports Trek Pool Members on Pool Hire.
50% Discount
Sports Trek Pool and Gym Members on Pool Hire.
10% Discount
Sports Trek Members on food from the Embleton Spa Restaurant (Mon-Thurs)

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Sports Trek Pool at Embleton Spa Hotel, Embleton, Near Cockermouth, CA13 9XU

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